Recent results from Sierra Leone

Mariatu with a painful infection in the bone right above her right knee before (left) and after her surgery (right)

Africa Surgery would like to show some of the recent results.

Mariatu right leg had developed a painful infection in the bone right above her knee.  Africa Surgery had Mariatu receive surgery by a team of orthopedic surgeons visiting Sierra Leone from Germany, with a visibly positive affect.

Abu Bakar with two clubfeet (left) en after two years of medical help (right)

Abu was found walking slowly with two clubfeet in Sierra Leone. We arranged to have Abu’s feet straightened over the next two years by a specialist orthopedic surgeon visiting Sierra Leone from Germany.  Abu is now attending senior secondary school thanks to the support of a donor through our Student Sponsorship Program.

Abu is one of seven young people with clubfeet who got treatment thanks to Africa Surgery. We will be arranging for five or six more young people to have their neglected clubfeet corrected by the german Orthopedic specialist.

More results can be found at our photos.