Trip Report from Sierra Leone by Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson, founder of Africa Surgery, Inc. (ASI), has recently returned from his latest trip to Sierra Leone and has written up a report on his work during this trip, covering October 2016 until March 2017.

On October 30, 2016, ASI sent Alusine Kargbo, age about 40, and Mateneh Marrah, age 38, from Sierra Leone to Kenya. Both had large tumors which had begun about five-years before, Alusine on the right side of his face, and Mateneh on the left side of her face and neck. Alusine’s tumor was benign. It had encased a major nerve so that its removal left Alusine with a partial paralysis of the right side of his face.  His pain is now gone, as is the threat of a slow death, if the tumor had been allowed to grow unchecked until it invaded his brain or cut off his blood flow or his ability to breathe.  Lees verder →