Policy plan

Policy of the Foundation Africa Surgery (Netherlands) (ASN)


ASN is driven by the desire to make medical care possible for (young) people of West Africa. The aid is concentrated on the poor people of Sierra Leone; the medical treatment of their physical condition for which medical care without financial support is not available.


Because of the war which lasted until 2001 and also because of the Ebola epidemic, the total medical care in Sierra Leone disappeared almost entirely.

Particularly in Sierra Leone there is a great need medical care. Many patients suffering from diseases and conditions such as clubfoot (a congenital deformity involving one or both feet); osteomyelitis (bone infection); hip problems; tuberculosis in the bones or joints; hernia, gangrene; etc. etc.

Reliable local organizations select patients for who ASN pays the treatment; depending on which organization is in the picture, this payment consists of costs for treatment and or nursing costs and / or medication.

ASN is a sister organization of Africa Surgery Inc. (ASI), 70 MacCulloch Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960 USA founded in 2003. One of the first patients who have been helped by ASI is the president of our foundation ASN. His drive comes from his desire to help other inhabitants of Sierra Leone and to provide the same help as he has received.

Objectives and implementation of the current policy.

The objective is to achieve the mission by raising funds in order to assist a substantial number of patients per year over five years. This number will be achieved by a steady growth in the years preceding them. For this purpose, the aim is to enthuse individuals and organizations for helping reduce the high medical need that has arisen in recent decades.

The fundraising will be done by:

  • Handing out 10,000 leaflets ASN got without charge.
  • Sending letters to companies and organizations to draw attention to this need in Sierra Leone.
  • Request churches to hold a collection for ASN.
  • Through personal contacts of the board people willing to provide support. Both single and as a permanent sponsor.
  • The use of supportive websites for fundraising organizations.
  • The updating of the website africasurgery.nl. with regard to the needs of patients in Sierra Leone and the assistance provided for this and subsequent requests for support.

The work is done by the three members of the ASN unpaid committed to this work.

The manner of spending the funds obtained.

The expenses are paid directly to the medical institutions in Sierra Leone which have been found safe after examination of ASI. These organizations are:

  1. Holy Spirit Hospital, Makeni, Sierra Leone
  2. Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired and Loreto Clinic, Makeni, Sierra Leone
  3. Medical Assistance Sierra Leone
  4. KITE-SL (Kyphoscoliosis Initiative for Therapy and Empowerment – Sierra Leone)