Tejan Darammy Finally got his life back

Some years ago this man Darammy has lost all hopes that he would not be able to walk again after he got a terrible accident that left him completely paralysed from the waste down to his feet . Friends struggles to raised funds for him to get his operation done in Ghana where there are excellent and qualifed orthopedic doctors that would help save his life .

When Alpha Sesay president of Africa Surgery Netherlands saw the news he was touched and decided to contact the fundraiser to see what Africa Surgery Neatherlands and his sister organization Africa Surgery America could do for him. After several evaluations, Darammy was taken to Ghana with the support of Africa Surgery Netherlands/ America . After several operations, Darammy can now finally walk again at the cost of Africa Surgery Netherlands/ America . Darammy said he cant wait to hug his children whom he left for more than seven months now . They whole finally cant wait to see him and this time walking on his own . We have many people like him waiting for our help . So we kindly ask for your support. You can directly make your donations to our website www.africasurgery.nl or www.africasurgery.org.

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