Successful back surgeries for 10 patients

Thanks to your donations, Africa Surgery Foundation has been able to help ten more patients with hernia surgeries. These individuals have suffered for so long due to this terrible disease. Without your support, this surgery would not be possible. We want to thank you very much for saving their lives.

Africa Surgery changes the lives of 10 persons

Africa Surgery has again saved the lives of poor people in Sierra Leone who suffered from a hernia. One woman in the group photo is named Fatima Kamara. She says, “I had lost all hope because I no longer knew where help could come from to take this terrible disease away from me. But sometimes […] Lees verder →

Group hernia patients helped

These are patients who had a life threatening hernia. Thanks to Africa Surgery Netherlands, they no longer have to fear dying from this terrible disease. As we have reported many times, without donations we cannot help these patients. Therefore we ask for your continued support. Lees verder →

Successful surgery for hernia patients

Africa Surgery Netherlands was able to save the lives of these people. After many requests from people with herniated discs, Africa Surgery Netherlands has been able to help some of these patients. We hope that with your donation we can help even more of these people. Therefore we ask for your donation, so that we […] Lees verder →

New group of hernia patients helped

This group had surgery at New Hope Hospital in Makeni. These are poor farmers who can barely make ends meet. In Africa most farmers are usually not rich, and because of the physical and laborious work they do with their hands they are at great risk of getting a hernia. That is why we accompany […] Lees verder →

Successful Hernia surgeries

Multiple patients recently had a hernia surgery with the help of Africa Surgery Nederland. One of the patients, Mohamed Kamara, says: “Thanks to Africa Surgery I can go freely outside. I don’t have to be ashames anymore.” So we ask you for your ongoing help so we can continue to help people like Mohamed. Lees verder →