Aminata has her own sewing machine

Aminata Kamara, age 37, was disabled by polio as a child.  Some years ago Aminata earned a certificate in tailoring at a vocational school,  but she never managed to acquire a sewing machine.  She could only do piece- work in other tailors’ shops, and only if a machine equipped with a hand crank was available. […] Lees verder →

Tejan Darammy Finally got his life back

Some years ago this man Darammy has lost all hopes that he would not be able to walk again after he got a terrible accident that left him completely paralysed from the waste down to his feet . Friends struggles to raised funds for him to get his operation done in Ghana where there are […] Lees verder →

Africa Surgery patients recover from surgery

Abdulai Jalloh, was struck by a hit-and-run motorcyclist about four months ago in Sierra Leone, leaving his his upper-left arm fractured and with no hope of healing since the bone ends did not line up or touch each other. On November 5 Abdulai was seen by an orthopedic surgical team visiting Sierra Leone from the […] Lees verder →

Let’s save this poor boy from dying

Country Sierra Leone. Mohamed is dying from a tumor if we don’t come to his needs. Africa Surgery would hope to soon send him to Kenya for several facial corrections only if we quickly get the funds. So please share this sad story of Mohamed Conteh to friends or any of your family members. Mohamed […] Lees verder →

Successful Hernia Operation For these our patients

These people can finally have there lives back after a safe hernia surgery done at the Caring Hands Health Clinic in Makeni . All patients got there surgeries payed for free by Africa Surgery Netherlands .They are very thankful for what Africa Surgery Netherlands have done for them . They finally can live a life […] Lees verder →

Adamsay Tholley can finally laugh now

On February  2, 2017, out of six passengers traveling together in a taxi in Sierra Leone, Adamsay Tholley was the sole survivor of a head-on collision.    Exactly one year later Adamsay is able to smile again just two days after surgery by the German-based organization,  Ortpaedie-Fuer-die-Dritte-Welte (O-D-W) to realign and clean her fractured and […] Lees verder →

A photo of Alpha and one of the ASN patients

I remembered my friend, brother and a patient of ASN (on the right) telling me at the time I visited Sierra Leone saying this disease have paralysed my spine today, but will never paralyse my dreams again. He was very courageous and strong in the mind and never let sorrow over took his life. ASN […] Lees verder →