Adamsay and Alusine thank their donors

AdamsayAdamsay is a 8 year old girl. She was last seen by Africa Surgery in 2016 with an acute life threatening kyfosis. After medical screening she was immediately taken to Ghana for surgery. Thank God, with the help of you the donors, today Adamsay Bangura can walk straight again. She would no longer be ashamed to go to school or neither called different names by her class mates. We hope to help more girls like Adamsay Bangura, and that can only happen with your donations and generousity.

Alusine is a gentle 44 year old man with a family of three girls. Alusine said he would like to thank every one that helped him to get a second chance by the removal of his tumor. He thanks all of you who showed mercy with your donations that helped saved his life today. He told us he would alway pray for you people and he would never forget what you have done for him. Alusine can walk again freely in the street of Freetown and not have to feel ashamed anymore for his Tumor or death. On our website we have pictures of him before and after his surgery.

It is possible to donate via our website.

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